Candidate Statement for Sample Ballot

I am a Sonoma County native and resident of the Roseland area for many decades. I went to Cook and have degrees from UC Davis and Stanford. I worked for the Trowbridge Canoe Trip business, then after college aerospace, and more recently a couple of surveying firms, and one of the wildfire cleanup project management firms named Environmental Chemical Corporation or just ECC.

I have been a taxpayer advocate writing ballot arguments against tax measures, including the 2015 Measure A countywide general fund tax defeated by voters. This is significant. It shows I am aligned with the public’s view that more should be done with existing revenue. That vote was also a referendum on county government and the usual way of doing business.

( Link on the Measure A vote – Measure A article )

While I have generally opposed tax increases and opposed SMART at inception, I did support both library and county parks tax measures after they were revised and scaled back.

I will protect the public from misappropriations and wasteful spending and support only reasonable new taxes with real benefit. I support renewal of the County Measure M transportation tax measure if SMART is barred from siphoning revenue. A renewed Measure M will be our best source of road repair funds if the revenue will be dedicated to that purpose. Also, the problem of over-concentration of wineries with special events hosting needs to be addressed, and “ag easement” policy revised.

On homelessness, expand shelter capacity in the most cost-effective fashion possible, instead of buying old derelict motels. Better enforcement of drug laws would help with that aspect also.

I will provide principled representation and direct funding to what people really want, like roads.

I can be reached at 707-710-6747 

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