Priorities & Policy Positions

  1. Promote an entirely different, more cost-effective, way of addressing the homeless issue in the Santa Rosa area. Commercial/Industrial property used to significantly increase the count of available shelter spaces empowering law enforcement to deal with encampments in compliance with court mandate. Would also encourage more proactive enforcement of drug laws.
  2. Open a year-round shelter in Guerneville, commercial space.
  3. Prioritize road funding over bike paths, and begin on “local roads” which have been put aside in favor of major “collectors.”
  4. Redirect more TOT (hotel tax) to the Rural Fire Services.
  5. Affordable housing in the unincorporated area is a county responsibility. I propose more multifamily development (apartments) in the airport area where shopping and public transportation is available.
  6. Incentivize affordable apartments with inclusionary zoning policy, requiring 20% affordable apartments for large developments.
  7. Studio apartments incentivized by zoning policy. All large multi-family developments should include several studios.
  8. Vote to oppose the unfair well tax (water well) that is being placed on many rural residential homeowners in the 5th district, and exempt all “de-minimus” users from the well tax.
  9. Oppose the natural gas ban for new home construction that is being suggested. There would be an attempt to spread this to existing homes.

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