Priorities & Policy Positions

Promote an entirely different, more cost-effective, way of addressing the homeless issue in the Santa Rosa area. Commercial/Industrial property used to significantly increase the count of available shelter spaces empowering law enforcement to deal with encampments in compliance with court mandate. Would also encourage more proactive enforcement of drug laws. Open a year-round shelter inContinue reading “Priorities & Policy Positions”

Joe Rodota Trail Encampment

The $12 million “plan” to relocate 210 campers from the bike trail by creating two 40-person indoor/outdoor sanctioned camps and renting homes was ill conceived. It amounts to trying to bribe people to move, when really many don’t want to move. These people need to be brought indoors. Some are building large structures with palletsContinue reading “Joe Rodota Trail Encampment”

Candidate Statement for Sample Ballot

I am a Sonoma County native and resident of the Roseland area for many decades. I went to Cook and have degrees from UC Davis and Stanford. I worked for the Trowbridge Canoe Trip business, then after college aerospace, and more recently a couple of surveying firms, and one of the wildfire cleanup project managementContinue reading “Candidate Statement for Sample Ballot”